Brethren, the RWM would appreciate the support of as many Past Masters, Office Bearers and Brethren, not only at our own meetings, but in particular deputations, nothing enhances the reputation of our lodge more than a show of strength on these occasions  




         Wed. 10th May 7.30pm  EA Deg by Robert King Stewart No 919

         Fri. 12th May 7.30pm  RWM taking part in Reigning Masters deg at Murdostoun Castle No 1096

        Wed. 17th May 7.30pm  Deputation to Robert King Stewart 919 to confer EA deg

        Wed. 24th May 7.30pm  FC Deg by St Andrew Coatbridge No 544

        Fri. 2nd June  7.30pm  PGL Quarterly Communication Wood St Coatbridge 544

        Fri. 16th June  7.30pm  SW Deg at New Monkland Montrose No 88 To raise funds for a defibulator in the temple premises

        Wed. 14th Jun. 7.30pm  MM Deg  Office Bearers

        Wed. 28th Jun.  7.30pm  Mark Deg

        Wed. 1st July  7.30pm Deputation to Airdrie St John No 166 to confer the FC deg

        Wed. 23rd Aug. 7.30pm  EA Deg. by Airdrie St. John No 166

        Tues. 5th Sept.  7.30pm  Deputation to Old Monkland St James No 177  Mark Deg

        Wed. 13th Sept. 7.30pm  FC Deg Office Bearers & presentation of 50 yr diplomas

        Thurs. 21st Sept  7.30pm  Deputation to Lodge St Andrew No 544 to confer the M.M.M.

        Wed. 27th Sept.  7.30pm  EA Deg by Old Monklands St. James No 177

        Thurs. 28th Sept.  7.30pm  Deputation to Tollcross Glasgow No 1194  MM Deg

        Tues. 10th Oct. 7.30pm  Deputation to Whifflet St. John No 963 to confer the EA deg

        Wed. 11th Oct.  7.30pm   FC Degree by Whifflet St John No 963

        Wed. 25th Oct.  7.30pm

        Wed. 8th Nov.  7.30pm    A.G.M.   Test Fees Due (Treas & Sec will be in attendance from 6.30pm )

        Wed. 15th Nov. 7.30pm   Deputation to Shettleson St. John No 128 to confer the MMM deg

        Wed. 22nd Nov. 7.30pm   Mark Degree (any brother who has not yet received their mark please contact Bro. McComb )

        Wed. 13th Dec. 7.30pm   PM Degree

        Wed. 27th Dec.  5.00pm   St John's Day Installation